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With Diversity Webinars unlimited you have unlimited access to our constantly growing collection of webinars for one year. Get to know the whole world of diversity! New topics are added every week.

Every week we publish new webinars and instructional videos on the topics of diversity & inclusion or intercultural cooperation. We offer you background knowledge, encourage reflection and give concrete suggestions for further work. The shortest webinars last five minutes, the longer ones up to 20 minutes.

With Diversity Webinars unlimited you get unlimited access to an extensive and growing library of learning content for one year. Just log in, find a new topic and get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between a subscription and a course?
A course is a self-contained sequence of learning content (webinars and other formats) with a fixed scope.

With a subscription, all webinars from our database are available to you for one year without having to adhere to a specific order when processing.

How long is my subscription to Diversity Webinars unlimited?
The term is one year and is extended automatically if the subscription is not canceled beforehand.

Wann muss die Mitgliedschaft bei Diversity Webinars unlimited gekündigt werden?
Membership can be canceled via our portal at any time before the end of the current membership year.

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