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Get Diversity Webinars in your company or educational institution

Solutions for large customers with or without their own learning management system

Sometimes the training need is a bit higher. In this case, employers will benefit from special group conditions and a convenient learning management system for the administration of participants.

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Campus Licenses

Diversity webinars for large companies and universities

For large companies and universities, we also offer access to our webinars as a campus license. This gives all members of the organization direct access to our learning content. The login is simple, using the business e-mail address and a one-time password.

Easy to set up

With a campus license, all members of your organization have unlimited access to Diversity Webinars' ever-growing learning content. The license fee is calculated per year based on the total number of employees or students. Therefore, it is not necessary to create individual accounts for the authorized users. A campus license can be set up for companies and universities of any size.

We will create a landing page for your organization, in which we can also integrate your logo if you wish. Here, authorized users can log in and experience the learning platform as a benefit of your organization.
Tell us how many people work and/or study with you. We will be happy to make you a customized offer.

Easy to use for your employees or students

After setting up a campus license, the use for employees and students is very simple.
  1. Accessing the landing page we create for your organization (e.g. samplecompany.com).
  2. Identifying via the email address associated with your organization's domain (e.g. john.doe@samplecompany.com)
  3. After receiving the one-time password, just log in and get started.

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Participant and group management through integrated learning management system

Solutions for HR professionals who organize training on DEI or intercultural communication

Our eCampus provides easy access to Diversity Webinars content for small and medium-sized teams and organizations without an own learning management system (LMS). Participants receive their individual access and can participate in the courses.

Attractive group rates for employers

If you want to offer our self-learning courses to multiple people in your organization, we have attractive group rates for you. Tell us how many learners you need Diversity Webinars for, and we'll make you a customized offer.

Administration of participants in the learning management system

Our learning management system makes it easy to manage participants from your organization:

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Integration of Diversity Webinars into your own LMS

We make our content available for your LMS. On request, even in your branding!

Do you want to offer your employees up-to-date training on the topics of diversity and intercultural communication while using your existing learning management system (LMS)? Then Diversity Webinars is the right choice for you! Our content can be easily integrated into all common LMSs and offers you unlimited possibilities.

Unlimited use for your organization

Once integrated, any number of people from your organization can use our webinars.  You can monitor and support their learning progress as usual. The functions of your LMS are fully available to you.

Customized solutions for your needs

We support you in designing custom-fit content that is tailored to your needs and requirements. This ranges from the visual adaptation of our proven webinars to your corporate design to completely new content development exclusively for your organization.

See the benefits of Diversity Webinars for yourself and integrate the content into your LMS today. We are always available for individual consulting and support.


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