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Training & Consulting

Support for companies, public authorities and educational institutions

Our globally operating team supports you in your projects in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion as well as intercultural collaboration. We offer tailor-made educational concepts for your entire workforce and individually produced digital and analog learning materials.

In-company Training

All topics in our course overview can also be delivered as in-person training at your location or online on a platform of your choice. We offer flexible options including live training and webinars. Let us work with you to create a customized training plan for your team.
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Labor law

In many countries, employers are required by law to inform their staff about the respective anti-discrimination. We offer you an easy-to-implement educational package that enables you to fulfill these obligations.
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Strategy Workshops

Employers with well-thought-out DEI strategies are more effective and credible than those with episodic and spontaneous initiatives. If your organization is new to DEI, let us help you develop your initial roadmap.
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Audits and Surveys

If you want to approach DEI strategically and sustainably, you need reliable data on the status quo in your own organization. We have the tools to analyze diversity and perceptions within the team.
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In-company training

Customized solutions for training in your company

We are a leading provider of training on diversity, equity & inclusion, and intercultural collaboration and team building. Trainings can be delivered in-house at any location worldwide and are either based on an existing course from our catalog or developed individually for the company.

Diversity Training

Our diversity, equity and inclusion training enables your employees to develop a better understanding of DEI in the workplace and to integrate these values into their daily work. We place great emphasis on ensuring that each training is practical and that participants can then actively participate in the implementation of DEI initiatives.

On a more general level, we address issues such as unconscious bias, discrimination and harassment, and inclusive leadership. In addition, we offer specific training formats on the categories of age, disability, gender, cultural/ethnic origin, race/racism, religion, sexual identity/orientation.

On a more general level, we focus on aspects such as unconscious bias, discrimination and harassment, or inclusive leadership.

Intercultural Training

Intercultural training promotes understanding and cooperation among employees of different cultures and backgrounds. Our training includes exercises and activities that help develop a better understanding of cultural differences and strengthen teamwork skills.

We offer both general formats, in which participants deal with the challenges of cultural differences, and culture-specific formats, which focus on a specific country.

For the country-specific trainings, we are available with the trainer pool of our mother-company BAMIK for over 60 countries.

Effective learning through practical exercises

Our training program places great emphasis on the practical transfer of knowledge and skills. By using real-life exercises and case studies, we enable you to apply what you have learned directly and thus internalize it better. Our trainers have years of experience in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion and know exactly how to communicate the topics in a clear and understandable way. In this way, you contribute to the cultural competence of your workforce and promote an inclusive working environment.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in labor law

Training and consulting on workplace discrimination from specialized lawyers

Diversity in the workplace is an issue that also creates uncertainty from a legal perspective. Before a case of discrimination ends up at the labor court, further training on the rights and obligations of workers as well as employers should become an integral part of the agenda. We have solutions for you!

Our team of experts also includes lawyers who specialize in labor law and in particular questions of diversity, inclusion and anti-discrimination. Their webinars are aimed in particular at the members of board and human resources department, but also at all managers.

Webinars for self-learners

We will shortly provide you with webinars on labor law that you can access and complete by yourself. These webinars will give an introduction to German labor law (other countries will follow). While these new webinars are not yet available, you can already pre-register for these webinars now. Then we will inform you as soon as the new webinars on labor law are released.

Live webinars with our lawyers

The lawyer’s favorite answer? "It depends ..." That's why we offer you a special format of live webinars in which our experts are there exclusively for you and your team and answer your organization's questions. The confidentiality of your questions is also ensured. If there is a need for action beyond the webinar, these partners will be happy to help you beyond our range.


While we're on the subject of law, we shouldn't miss this note. Please be aware that we only provide educational services. We do not provide legal services. Although we endeavor to be up-to-date, we assume no liability or guarantee for the correctness of the legal information shared on this platform. If you would like legal advice, our experts will be happy to assist you, but this is no longer part of our offer.

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Measuring Diversity

Whoever wants to pursue Diversity & Inclusion in a strategic and sustainable way needs reliable data about the situation in their organization. BAMIK offers various tools and services to analyze diversity and employees’ perceptions.

Our customized analyses help you to better understand the diversity of your organization. Among the most relevant instruments are:

Collecting data like this makes sense both when initiating a Diversity & Inclusion strategy to create a base for the right strategy and on a continuous basis to evaluate progress. We support you in selecting the appropriate tools, developing questionnaires and conducting and evaluating surveys and audits.

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Diversity strategy development workshops

Diversity in the workplace brings numerous opportunities, and the economic value-added of an inclusive work environment has been extensively demonstrated. Employers with well-thought-out DEI strategies are more effective and credible than those with episodic and spontaneous initiatives. If your organization is new to DEI, let us help you develop your initial roadmap.

In addition to the economic added value, many employers also have to comply with the relevant legal regulations. Compliance is sometimes a challenge, but also unavoidable. However, the most successful diversity strategies go beyond simple legal compliance and actively promote the creation of an inclusive climate in the organization. Your strategy should establish clear areas of action, goals, and measurement criteria (KPIs) while being rooted in the law, organizational goals, and employee needs.

We offer a series of strategy development workshops that enable private and public employers to develop strategies for their very specific context. In the workshops, your DEI team and other relevant stakeholders in your organization will define the strategy. Our experienced trainers and consultants facilitate the process and assist to ensure the best possible outcomes.

We offer specialized knowledge in both the business and legal aspects of DEI to provide you with the necessary guidance during the strategy consulting process.


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