Diversity Climate Surveys

Measure the climate in your organization

 Any organization that wants to implement successful Diversity & Inclusion needs an accurate under­standing of members’ opinions on diversity as well as their perceptions and experiences of dis­crimination. A Diversity Climate Survey is a vital tool that enables you to gain these insights and initiate a successful D&I policy.

Appropriate D&I strategies are essential to gain the maximum benefits of the diversity within an orga­ni­za­tion. It is no longer enough to simply “manage” diversity; rather, D&I policies are necessary to ensure that all members of the organization are actively included and valued. However, building a D&I program that is sensitive to the needs of all is also extremely challenging.

One of the first steps is to identify the current situation and areas for improvement, but a top-down approach to this can never realize the most accurate insights. Without input from organizational members them­selves, any corresponding D&I policy will fail to completely meet members’ needs. Do members feel listened to? Are they valued? Do they feel ignored, or worse, excluded? The best way to obtain this information is through a Diversity Climate Survey.

Asking the right questions is also important. BAMIK helps those in management, HR or other related positions to develop and define the scope and focus of the survey to ensure the greatest response and attainment of the most useful data. To do this, we begin with an interactive workshop that introduces D&I and the various categories of diversity, and then explore the methodology of Diversity Climate Surveys. The central goal of this consultation process is the practical development and testing of the survey, and creation of a product that is ready to be rolled out to survey participants.

All of this is done in close collaboration between the organization and BAMIK’s team of experienced trainers and consultants, guaranteeing the highest-quality results and analytical insight.