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Course Design

Module 2 of the Intercultural/Diversity Train-the-Trainer Course

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Train-the-Trainer Course (module):
  • 20 Nov - 22 Jan 2024
  • 16 units (45 min) in 8 days
Online Event:
  • Meetings will be held on Zoom.
Course Fee:
  • 990.00 US$ *
    No VAT due to client in third country. The reverse charge system applies.

The sustainability of any training depends on a solid course design and a good methodology. In this module we will introduce you to our concept for the development and implementation of effective intercultural training.

Overall, this is perhaps the most ‘technical’ module in our Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course. As in all modules, we will enhance your methodology by introducing classic and new tools for intercultural instruction. With our concepts of assessment, curriculum development and transfer/evaluation you will meet the certification criteria of all major educational associations.

To gain an understanding of our clients' situation, we first focus on the needs assessment. Here you will learn how to position the intercultural training in the larger context of organizational development.

We work on your precision in defining learning targets for the intercultural training as well as the development of the training concept. In a workshop, participants will design two curricula - one for general cultural awareness training and one for training on a specific national culture.

Sustainability also depends a lot on the transfer concepts through which the contents of the intercultural training are connected with the daily work life of participants. Therefore, we highlight what comes after the training: transfer and evaluation.

Topics discussed:

  • Introduction to intercultural adult education
  • Needs assessment for intercultural training in organizations
  • Defining target groups
  • Taxonomies of intercultural learning
  • Learning targets in intercultural training
  • Curriculum development for cultural awareness trainings and for country-specific trainings
  • Training methods
  • Role plays
  • Transfer and evaluation methods

Dates and topics of the live meetings

Time zone: Europe/Berlin

Monday20 Nov 202318:00 - 19:30What makes a training a training?
Monday27 Nov 202318:00 - 19:30Sustainability in training and the connection between organizational goals and training goals
Monday04 Dec 202318:00 - 19:30Need Analysis
Monday11 Dec 202318:00 - 19:30Curriculum Development
Monday18 Dec 202318:00 - 19:30Defining training goals
Monday08 Jan 202418:00 - 19:30Training concepts (specific and non-specific of culture)
Monday15 Jan 202418:00 - 19:30Transfer and evaluation: what happens after the training?
Monday22 Jan 202418:00 - 19:30Reflection and presentations

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