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Concepts of Culture

Module 1 of the Intercultural Train-the-trainer Course

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Train-the-Trainer Course (module):
  • 11 Sep - 30 Oct 2023
  • 16 units (45 min) in 8 days
Online Event:
  • Meetings will be held on Zoom.
Course Fee:
  • 990.00 US$ *
    No VAT due to client in third country. The reverse charge system applies.

An in-depth analysis of the many approaches to culture is at the center of this first module. We look at which definitions are appropriate for use in training and how they define the participants’ job profile of the intercultural trainer.

The overall goal of the module is to guide participants towards their own professional profile as intercultural trainers. While this will be an ongoing topic in the other modules, too, these three days will show the broad spectrum of theoretical concepts in which the intercultural trainers are operating.

We discuss ‘culture‘ from an academic perspective and derive its numerous interpretations historically. From there, we make the practical connection to intercultural training and provide you with tools for an effective introduction, including methods to visualize cultural preferences.

Considerable time is dedicated to the comparison of cultures using different approaches towards identifying and analyzing culture. We discuss in detail the significance of the works of Hall, Hofstede, Trompenaars and others for intercultural training.

Finally, we also look at the mutual influence of culture and religion. In many situations 'intercultural' and 'interreligious' cannot be separated. For trainers, especially those without a religious background, this is can be a challenge.

Topics discussed:

  • Culture: how to find a definition that can be used in intercultural training.
  • Intercultural, multicultural, transcultural — three approaches and their influence on intercultural training.
  • Dimensions of cultural comparison and their practical application in intercultural training.
  • Training methods for the analysis and visualization of value systems.
  • Religion and intercultural training.
  • Short introduction to intercultural philosophy: important thinkers from Hegel to Bhabha.
  • Job profile of the intercultural trainer.

Dates and topics of the live meetings

Time zone: Europe/Berlin

Monday11 Sep 202318:00 - 19:30Occupational profile of the intercultural trainer
Monday18 Sep 202318:00 - 19:30Concepts of Culture
Monday25 Sep 202318:00 - 19:30Perceptions of the "foreign" and dealing with xenophobia
Monday02 Oct 202318:00 - 19:30Comparing cultures
Monday09 Oct 202318:00 - 19:30Approaches to cultural comparison (1)
Monday16 Oct 202318:00 - 19:30Approaches to cultural comparison (2)
Monday23 Oct 202318:00 - 19:30Short introduction to intercultural philosophy
Monday30 Oct 202318:00 - 19:30Reflection and presentations

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