Diversity & Inclusion in Employment Law

Webinars on workplace discrimination from specialized lawyers

Diversity in the workplace is an issue that also creates uncertainty from a legal perspective. Before a case of discrimination ends up at the labor court, further training on the rights and obligations of workers as well as employers should become an integral part of the agenda. We have solutions for you!

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Our team of experts also includes lawyers who specialize in labor law and in particular questions of diversity, inclusion and anti-discrimination. Their webinars are aimed in particular at the members of board and human resources department, but also at all managers.

Webinars for self-learners

We will shortly provide you with webinars on labor law that you can access and complete by yourself. These webinars will give an introduction to German labor law (other countries will follow). While these new webinars are not yet available, you can already pre-register for these webinars now. Then we will inform you as soon as the new webinars on labor law are released.

Live webinars with our lawyers

The lawyer’s favorite answer? "It depends ..." That's why we offer you a special format of live webinars in which our experts are there exclusively for you and your team and answer your organization's questions. The confidentiality of your questions is also ensured. If there is a need for action beyond the webinar, these partners will be happy to help you beyond our range.

Disclaimer: While we're on the subject of law, we shouldn't miss this note. Please be aware that we only provide educational services. We do not provide legal services. Although we endeavor to be up-to-date, we assume no liability or guarantee for the correctness of the legal information shared on this platform. If you would like legal advice, our experts will be happy to assist you, but this is no longer part of our offer.

Stay informed!

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