Valuing Difference

Create an environment that brings out the best in all team members!

Diversity benefits us in many ways but working with difference can be challenging. This course is designed to help leaders at the supervisory level identify and leverage differences among team members, analyze self-behavior towards inclusion enhancement and develop techniques to facilitate inclusion.

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Diverse workplaces are the norm in many companies. However, not all workplaces make the most of this diversity by being inclusive. The benefits of inclusion are varied, from happier and more secure colleagues to higher-quality work and creative output. Leaders at the supervisory level play a vital role in building an inclusive environment that assures all employees that their contributions will be heard and valued.

To progress to higher leadership levels, supervisory leaders must demonstrate an understanding of the arguments for inclusion and the ability to build an inclusive environment. Through this course, leaders can develop the skills necessary to assess their own practices and act as necessary to create an environment that brings out the best in all team members.

Topics discussed:

  • Defining diversity and inclusion
  • Benefits of inclusion and diversity
  • The leader's role in establishing an inclusive work environment
  • Techniques to foster an inclusive environment
  • Assessing one’s own practices in leading an inclusive climate; identifying necessary action
  • Creating an action plan to encourage inclusion in your organization

This course is ideal for:

  • Leaders at the supervisory level and above
  • “Diversity multipliers” – informal D&I leaders within teams
  • Anyone who wants to develop strategies to improve D&I practices within their company

Your benefits:

  • Get an overview of chances and challenges of the six most important diversity categories
  • Ability to more quickly identify and support colleagues’ needs
  • Develop the skills and knowledge that will highlight your inclusive leadership abilities

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