Intercultural Communication & Competence

Understand and compare foreign cultures - develop communication strategies!

Communication with people from other cultures is challenging. Even when you speak the same language, meaning can be lost because of different underlying values. Our course provides you with the basic tools to develop appropriate communication strategies!

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“Yes” means “yes.” But does it always? Sometimes, “yes” can mean “maybe,” “I don’t know,” or even “no.” People from different cultures communicate in different ways, and understanding the implied meanings hidden in communication can be difficult. Some cultures are well-known for their directness and frankness, whereas others will appear to avoid conflict and controversy at all costs.

BAMIK’s seminar on intercultural communication is a vital starting point to learning about how different cultures’ values influence their communication styles. This one-day course provides you with the background knowledge to develop strategies for effective communication with partners from other cultures, whether in Germany or abroad. You will develop an understanding of the different communication styles that people use and how you can communicate appropriately to ensure that your intention is understood without causing offence.

Topics discussed:

  • Dealing with the foreign and unknown
  • Cultures and cultural perception
  • Stereotypes and their influence on our cultural perception
  • Dealing with the foreign and unknown
  • Culture shock - when the difference becomes a problem
  • Comparing Cultures - Developing Strategies
  • Comparing Cultures: Models according to Hall, Hofstede and Trompenaars
  • Developing intercultural competence
  • Strategies to cope with cultural difference

This course is ideal for:

  • Professionals who work with people from different cultural contexts
  • Candidates for international assignments and their families
  • Frequent travelers
  • Students preparing to study abroad

Your benefits:

  • Gain awareness of differences between cultures
  • Understand the relationship between culture and communication
  • Develop your ability to act appropriately in different cultural contexts

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Online Course (Self-Study)

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In-company training

Training program tailored to your needs with a trainer from our team. The content, duration and number of participants can be flexibly adjusted.
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