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Demographic Leadership

Harness the expertise and experience of different generations in the workplace

As people are increasingly working or re-entering the workforce later in life, managers face growing challenges of reconciling the different needs, values and working styles of employees of varying ages and maximizing the benefit of the varied skillsets that each generation brings. This training for leaders helps you to build a strong foundation to enable all team members to thrive and be successful.

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The members of intergenerational teams each bring different experience and skills, but getting the most out of such teams can be difficult. Stereotyping and differing perceptions across generations can cause miscommunication and lose vital information, which hurts the team’s efficiency and effectiveness. Similarly, differing levels of comfort with analogue and digital processes can lead to conflict.

Managers must be able to overcome these challenges by understanding their team members’ needs and perspectives and developing effective lines of communication through which the team can share their expertise. They should facilitate lifelong learning to ensure that all employees, regardless of age, are engaged, motivated, and capable of working in the organization.

During this course, managers will learn the characteristics, skills, and needs of intergenerational teams and identify sustainable, successful management strategies that maximize the benefits of employees’ varied experiences. In addition to drawing out these benefits, participants will also develop the skills to improve intergenerational communication to maximize intergenerational knowledge transfer with others and enable the whole team to function at a higher level.

Topics discussed:

  • Demographic change and its impact on employment trends
  • Life and career phases
  • Competences of different generations
  • Intergenerational management style
  • Facilitating the exchange of experience between generations 

This course is ideal for:

  • Leaders and managers who work with intergenerational teams
  • Managers whose teams have recently undergone demographic changes

Your benefits:

  • Enable team members to learn from each other’s experience
  • Better team functionality
  • Increase team members’ satisfaction and belonging

Available options for this course

Online Course (Self-Study)

Interactive webinars for independent study in our learning environment. Entry possible at any time. After completion there is a certificate of participation.
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In-company training

Training program tailored to your needs with a trainer from our team. The content, duration and number of participants can be flexibly adjusted.
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