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Subscriptions for teams and companies

Diversity Webinars unlimited is the all-inclusive subscription that gives participants unlimited access to our constantly growing library of webinars and learning videos. We not only offer our corporate customers attractive group conditions, but also convenient tools to support the learning progress of their employees.

Calculate the price for your group license here:

Number of licenses needed:

Fee per license: 90.00 US$ *

Single license: 90.00 US$ *

This corresponds to a monthly cost of only
7.50 US$ * per person.
The price is aimed at corporate customers and does not include sales tax.

Group conditions

With our attractive discount scale for corporate customers, Diversity Webinars unlimited can also be easily implemented at low cost for larger groups.

The educational subscription as a benefit

Membership in Diversity Webinars unlimited is a real benefit for your employees. Show your employees that lifelong learning is important to you and that you invest in your team.

Learning management

Corporate customers with a group license have access to our integrated learning management system (LMS). Here you can easily manage your participants or monitor your learning progress.

Connection with live training

Diversity Webinars unlimited are ideal as a supplement to live training. Here, the participants can deepen and consolidate their knowledge after the training, so that the transfer from training to corporate practice is particularly sustainable.

Stay informed!

With our newsletter, we would like to keep you up to date about our current course program as well as new publications. You can subscribe here.


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