Bangkok is the world's top destination!

Thailand's capital is again the most popular destination in Mastercard's ranking

Bangkok, 28 Sep. 2018: Every year, the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index identifies the most popular travel destinations. Of 162 cities globally, Bangkok once again took first place with over 20 million visitors. Is it any surprise that BAMIK is always happy to be there?

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Mastercard's index measures the number of travelers and the turnover they create at the destination. Data come not only from Mastercard sales, but also external sources. In 2017, 20.05 million visitors stayed for an average 4.7 days and spent $173 per day. London was the second-most visited city, with 19.83 million visitors.

The detailed report can be found on the Mastercard website.

BAMIK has been involved in Bangkok since 2016 and runs its Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course there each year. The next course will take place on 7–19 January 2019. Places are still available!

From 2019, BAMIK will also offer two additional programs in Bangkok: the Global Business Trainer Academy and International Leadership Development Program. We will present these new programs to the broader public for the first time in Thailand's capital at Worlddidac Asia, Southeast Asia's leading education fair.

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