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Here you will find online and offline learning solutions on the topics of diversity in the workplace, inclusion, anti-discrimination/harrassment, or intercultural communication.

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Are you looking for background knowledge on a specific topic in the field of diversity & inclusion? Then our online courses with a fixed learning schedule of up to three hours are the right thing for you.
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Diversity Webinars unlimited gives you access to a growing library of webinars on the topics of diversity & inclusion and intercultural communication for one year!
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Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course

We have been successfully training intercultural trainers since 2010. Our course has a scope of 125 hours and gets you an accredited trainer certificate.
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Upcoming Events

07 Aug - 25 Sep 2024, Zoom
Course Design
Module 2 of the Intercultural/Diversity Train-the-Trainer Course
07 Oct - 25 Nov 2024, Zoom
Conflict Resolution in Intercultural and Diversity Training
Module 3 of the Intercultural/Diversity Train-the-Trainer Course
27 Nov - 29 Jan 2025, Zoom
Intercultural Human Resource Development
Module 4 of the Intercultural Train-the-trainer Course
02 Dec - 07 Jan 2025, Zoom
Understanding and perceiving diversity
Module 1 of the Diversity Train-the-Trainer Course
06 Jan - 16 Jan 2025, Dubai
Intercultural or Diversity Train-the-Trainer Course: Intensive Course in Dubai
Take the full course in just two weeks in Dubai!

These are some of our next events. For a complete list please refer to our event caledar.

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